Asa LaMusga and Amber Macki to Lead Gravis Law’s Innovative Performance Team

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Asa LaMusga, of Gravis Law, PLLC, recently assumed the role of Chief Performance Officer (CPO).  In the CPO role, Asa will be overseeing Gravis Law’s Senior Managing Attorneys responsible for Business, Criminal, Estates, Family, Litigation, and Social Security and Disability. Asa will also be responsible for team performance goal setting and achievement, as well as directing the legal operations team. 

Asa LaMusga, Gravis Law Chief Performance Officer

“Asa joined Gravis Law in 2016 at its infancy, has been a key contributor and driver of its family law practice group nationally.” said Brett Spooner, Gravis Law’s founder and CEO.  “Asa is one of the most dedicated and tenacious workers I have had the pleasure of working with. He is an amazing Attorney, but importantly to Gravis he has the rare ability to see the business and operational needs of the company in a way that maintains organization growth, but without sacrificing client service or team culture.” 

To support the success of the new Chief Performance Officer position, Amber Macki has been promoted to Director of Legal Operations.  Amber will be reporting directly to Asa and is responsible for the translation and execution of the operational needs of the practice’s groups and practitioners. 

Amber Macki, Gravis Law Director of Legal Operations

“Amber joined us with the addition of our Olympia Washington office,”  said Brett Spooner, Gravis Law’s founder and CEO.  “She not only understands the industry inside and out, and brings unparalleled work ethic, but she can translate attorney and paralegal needs into clear and manageable operational items and succinctly manage their execution.  What makes Amber unique is that when everything is said and done, everyone still loves her, good news, bad news, changes in process, she gets it done in a way that creates buy-in. She has an amazing trajectory at Gravis.”

Gravis Law continues to push the state of the legal services industry forward with innovative and effective approaches to reducing hours spent on non-billable activities and maximizing time spent helping our clients.    

Both Asa and Amber’s new roles reflect these values and are enabling steps in accomplishing many of our 2021 strategic planning goals.  Their efforts will further help Gravis Law to leverage our teams-based practice approach in better serving our clients and uncomplicating their access to world-class legal services. 


Gravis Law, PLLC serves people and communities across the nation by providing accessible and uncomplicated access to world-class legal services. Since founded in 2013 Gravis Law has grown from one location in Richland, WA with 5 employees to over 10 locations across the country and more than 100 employees while continuing to leverage technology and a team-based approach to bring expert legal advice to all their markets.